7 Responses to “International Business Machines – “Are you an IBMer?””

  1. Dave says:

    I am not a robot!!!!!

  2. Charlie says:

    IBM is a pioneer of computing technology. IBM was the first computer developer to allow their technological advances to be used by other computer developers making IBM’s PC concepts commonality for majority of the world’s computer users. This was the reason why IBM PC became more successful in the longer run than the Apple Mac concept.

  3. queenlife says:

    Apple is cooler then IBM any time!

  4. Socail Media says:

    IBM logo design is as boring as their initial technology was mundane. Due to the initiation of Microsoft technologies which were applied first to IBM based PC’s made IBM a bigger success. Prior to Microsoft operating software IBM used DOS to operate which was a tedious and mind numbing task.

  5. Davis says:

    IBM is for everybody and Apple is for the rich which doesn’t make Apple cooler than anyone else. It is NOT COOL to pay $350 for a phone when Nokia sell similar models for only $20.

  6. Apple Rockxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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