Sunday February 17, 2019

Maestro Logo Unlimited Package
For the Perfectionist Business Owner!

What is Included in This Package?

Maestro Logo Unlimited Package gives you unlimited options of logo designs to choose from. This package does not only give you as many logo designs as you want but it also gives you 8 masterminds which creatively design logos for you. You will get the opportunity to see how different minds incorporate your initial brief and come up with unique and matchless design concepts.

Maestro Logo Unlimited Package offers you unlimited logo design concepts by our 8 in-house experienced designers along with 3 Free stationery designs, 3 professionally designed business cards for 3 people 3 page website concept and 1 static banner with unlimited rounds of revisions.

This package includes:
  • Unlimited Logo Design Concepts by 8 Experienced Designers
  • 3 Complete Stationery Concepts
  • 3 Business Cards Designs for two People
  • 1 Page Website Concept
  • 1 Static Banner
  • Unlimited Rounds of Revisions
  • Delivery - Next Day Upgrade
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Regular Price- $694.00

Discounted Price - $347.00 (50% Discount)

Who Should Buy Maestro Logo Unlimited Package?

Maestro Logo Unlimited Package is for those who want nothing but the excellence. This package has been designed for those who do not like the restrictions and caps even when they are working on a tight budget.

For a set fee of $347, you will get all you want. This package ensures that your money will not be wasted on a hit andmiss approach. Furthermore, you will also be entitled with our other services like free stationery design concepts, fax template, email signature, etc. All this is covered by our 100% money back & 100% satisfaction guarantees if we fail to meet your requirements.

See What Jim Long Says About his Experience with Logo Design Maestro?

Fantastic Team of Designers

"LDM have a fantastic team of graphic designers at their hands. Not only my brochure, but also the new website design was quite fascinating. I have received a lot of commendation messages from my clients and affiliates from around the world. Good job LDM!"

A creatively designed logo is the basis of your marketing campaign and therefore every company puts lots of focus when it comes to their logo design. Logo Design Maestro offers unmatched logo designing services to small companies and startup businesses.

Logo Design Maestro offers you top-quality custom logo, banner, brochure, stationery and website design services at a very affordable price. Our designers have the knack to design a logo that speaks volumes about your business, organization or passion in a visual nutshell!

A creatively designed logo works in the simplest form. It should be attention-grabbing, simple and memorable representing your services or brand to your customers in such a way that it inspires the confidence in your customers. Most importantly your logo must be unique and original.

A well-designed logo is the one that can be used on the business cards, brochures and even on billboard without losing its attractiveness. We at Logo Design Maestro do not only offer the simple logo rather we believe in creating a complete brand identity. Therefore, we provide brochure, banner, stationery and website design services as well.

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  • Letting LDM design my company logo was I think one of the best decisions I made. LDM are not just a design agency, they are Experienced in developing brand identities. I'd say every visionary entrepreneur should get their services. They really take care of all your design needs."
    John Bradshaw - Ontario, Canada

  • Logo Design Maestro is not just a design company, they are from another place. From a place where art is the livelihood for everyone who lives there. I am pleased at what they did for me. From now on, Logo Design Maestro is my official design team and I do not need a creative division in my company.
    Richard Townsend - UK

  • That's the way to go... these were the only words that came out of my mouth when I first saw my logo. Logo Design Maestro is wonderful, and they make wonderful designs.
    Tom Holcroft - USA

  • I was fascinated. You guys are real artists. Thanks for remaking my logo and website. It is far more impressive this time and I wonder why I didn't get to you the first time.
    Antony Michaels - Paris, France